Tears of Steel: Fourth Official Blender Movie Released!

Blender movies have always amazed us all with its interesting little stories and sophisticated visual graphics. While Elephants Dream was of sci-fi kind with mind-bending ideas and graphics, Bug Buck Bunny was a light-hearted comedy. The third one, Sintel, also had splendid graphics to back-up its unique storyline (watch all the official Blender movies till […]

Enterprise Web Apps: The Next Generation

When the bright folks at Zeebox, a killer social TV site, decided to build their website, they naturally turned to cloud services because they are a startup and had to use their money wisely. They also turned to the Scala language and open source community because they had very specific scalability and performance needs, like […]

4 New Professionally Done Ubuntu Adverts[Official]

Canonical is slowly stepping up its marketing pitch. When you look back at the history of Ubuntu, you will see that Canonical has invested almost nothing into any sort of serious Ubuntu promotional activities yet. But that is changing. Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin release, which is only a few months away, is perhaps the most […]

Minitube Puts More You in YouTube

YouTube is a great source for watching an eclectic collection of videos on music, human stupidity and worldly comedy. But I find it much too easy to go far afield as I click on “also watched” videos when viewing a particular topic line. Minitube solves that problem for me. Not only does Minitube better filter […]