Disney and FOSS: Fun and FUD in the Magic Kingdom?

Red Hat’s Billion-Dollar Coup

We’ve all known for some time now that Red Hat would soon be FOSS’s first arrival to the billion-dollar club, but somehow that advance knowledge didn’t make the official news any less exciting. No indeed! So when the word broke late last week that that much-anticipated milestone had finally been achieved, cheers and fanfare could […]

Why the World Is Desperately Seeking Linux Talent

Well, it’s been another wild week here in the Linux blogosphere, with the news announcements coming so fast there’s scarcely been time for a cape-wearing champion of FOSS to catch her breath. There’s been particular excitement around Ubuntu for Android, of course, but that’s a topic for another day. Today, it’s time to give another […]

Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2 Review: Unusually Bug-Ridden

Ubuntu 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” Alpha 2 is here and we are yet another release close to perhaps the most important Ubuntu ever. I have been using Ubuntu 12.04 ever since its first alpha was released and I have been closely following the developments. At the moment, Ubuntu 12.04 is far from stable in my netbook. […]

Mr Legs – One of the Most Original Android Games I have Played in a Long Time

Mr Legs is a brand new Android game that promises a lot of fun. Gameplay is rather simple but very clever and addictive. Animations, visual style, artworks and everything else about this game is very creative. Though the game itself is rather simplistic by design, it is very well executed. Mr Legs is one of […]

FOSS’ Factious Gender Divide

There’s no denying that the FOSS community has many virtues, but gender equality doesn’t seem to be one of them. Gender-related issues and tensions have plagued the FOSS world for as long as many of us can remember, and the problem has already been picked apart on these pages time, time and time again. Well […]

The Fastest Boot in the West

xPUD Menu Screen Dave Prochnow A Linux OS build that’ll boot your system’s pants off The countdown is on, my friends. The countdown to the fastest booting OS, that is. Forget those operating system sloths, Mac OS X and Windows (any flavor). The gauntlet was thrown down when the first mainstream commercial fast-boot OS appeared […]