Boomerang GTK 3.0 Theme + Faience GNOME Shell Theme & Icons = Clean Beautiful Desktop

Good theme combinations are always nice to have. If ANewStart + AwOken GNOME Shell theme combination was a bit flamboyant, this one is more simpler, prefect for everyday use. Boomerang is a beautiful new GTK 3.0 theme made for GNOME 3.2 (Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic Fallback & Unity) and it looks extraordinarily simple and beautiful when […]

Android 4.0 ICS Inspired GNOME Shell Theme

More GNOME Shell themes for ya. Following is one of the most distinctive GNOME Shell theme I have seen so far. This particular GNOME Shell theme, aptly named as Ice Cream Shell, is inspired from the latest version of Android OS called Android 4.0 codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. To put it lightly, Ice Cream Shell […]

ANewStart GNOME Shell Theme + AwOken Icons Theme = Pure Art!

GNOME Shell is a fast evolving platform and like Unity, it is both loved and loathed by its vast user base.  But one thing I am so excited about GNOME Shell is its ever improving theme-ing capabilities. Third party GNOME Shell themes are pouring in and one such theme grabbed my attention like no other. […]

Aeon Nox 2.0 XBMC Theme Released, Looks Fantastic!

Many consider XBMC as one the finest, if not the best, media center application out there, which is also open source. Starting from the previous XBMC 10 ‘Dharma’ release, XBMC started supporting add-ons officially which made it super easy to install third-party developed skins and apps for XBMC. Aeon Nox 2.0 was one such long […]

MyUnity vs. Ubuntu Tweak 0.6: Two of the Finest Unity Tweak Tools Compared

One of the biggest complaints about both Unity and GNOME Shell desktop environments is the lack of easy customization options. Many third party apps are trying to fill that gap. MyUnity and the just released Ubuntu Tweak 0.6 are two of the finest tweak tools of Ubuntu Unity. But how does they fare against each […]

6 Best BURG Themes and How to Install BURG Themes in Ubuntu 11.10?

BURG is basically a boot loader for Linux based on GRUB. Burg has a highly configurable menu system which works in both text and graphic mode. Simply put, BURG can be extensively customized and there are a number of good quality BURG themes available all over the web for free. Lets find out the best among them and also see […]