Google to Get Last Word in Week of Tablet Launches

Google could be poised to roll out new Nexus tablet offerings at next Monday’s press event in New York City. The search giant is also likely to introduce a new smartphone, the LG Nexus 4, powered by Android 4.2. The timing of the event is certainly interesting, as it comes later on the same day […]

Nokia: We’re Not Saying Nexus 7 Infringes … We’re Just Sayin’

Google may have to buffer its patent portfolio or start paying licensing fees to Nokia now that the search engine giant is becoming a bigger player in the tablet market. Google launched the Nexus 7, its first Nexus-branded tablet device, last week. The 7-inch slate will run the latest version of the company’s Android operating […]

Leaked Docs Illuminate Google’s Nexus Tablet Aspirations

Code Clues Reheat Google Tablet Rumors

Smart Diagram Effortlessly Produces Professional-Looking Results

The much talked about demise of the laptop in favor of tablet device, it could be argued, will be dependent on the tablet offering much of the functionality of the laptop. Gaping holes in tablet function will likely perpetuate the laptop as a tool. A number of work-type Android applications have successfully migrated to the […]

Remote Web Desktop Full: Really Smart App Deserves Better Support

We’ve been seeing applications that allow you to remotely access desktop PCs for years. They have tended to function on a PC-to-PC connection basis over the Internet — like Symantec’s pcAnywhere software, which is often used for remote PC troubleshooting. More recently, we’ve been seeing tools that allow you to operate PCs from tablet platforms, […]

KDE’s "Spark" Tablet Promises a Truly Open Future

If the near domination of Linux at CES 2012 wasn’t good enough news for you, this little tablet from KDE is definitely going to make you happy. Out of the blue, lead KDE hacker Aaron Seigo announced to the world the imminent launch of Spark tablet running KDE’s brand new Plasma Active desktop environment. Its […]

Aakash: World’s Cheapest Android Tablet Goes on Sale, Sold Out in No Time!

Aakash is no iPad. It is cheap and specifications are not over the roof. But the kind of interest this little Android tablet has generated all over the world is nothing short of spectacular. With all the hype around, the most important thing as far as the Aakash Tablet manufacturers were concerned was the timely […]