ZTE’s Firefox OS Plans Confirmed, ZTE Will Launch Firefox OS Powered Smartphones in Early 2013

Based out of China, ZTE Corp is world’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer and fifth-largest telecoms equipment maker (based on 2011 statistics). And when such a big player decides to go ahead with something entirely new and unknown, things can get interesting. For starters, Firefox OS is an open source operating system for smartphones and tablets […]

Is Fragmentation Breaking the Android Dev’s Will?

Developers are losing interest in creating apps for Android because of the continued fragmentation of the operating system, according to a survey conducted jointly by Appcelerator and IDC between January and February. Its results show that interest in Android phone app development fell by nearly five percentage points over the past quarter to about 79 […]

Learning The Facts Of Linux Hosting

By Henry R Staller People who are into computer programming and are good at it know about how good Linux is and what it can do. Linux is the operating system of choice for people who use their computers for more than just entertainment purposes. It is more capable when it comes to programming of […]

How to Retrieve Deleted Files or Directories From a Linux Computer?

How to Retrieve Deleted Files or Directories From a Linux Computer? By Tom Patrick Is your system virus infected and the virus has deleted your valuable files? Have you accidentally deleted your critical business files from Linux hard drive? If your answer is ‘Yes’ for any of the above questions, you have encountered a critical […]

How to Boot Linux From a USB Drive?

How to Boot Linux From a USB Drive? By Tom Patrick Most of the notebook owners are always on the run, what if the Linux operating system installed gets corrupt. One can suggest for such cases Linux data recovery software are available in the market to backup your data and save your data from damage. […]