Gnumeric Crunches Numbers Like a Pro

Gnumeric is a lightweight spreadsheet program that is fast and feature complete. Much like its chief open source competitors OpenOffice and LibreOffice, its graphical user interface is nothing fancy. What it lacks in colorful design or exciting visual menu displays, however, it surpasses with its format flexibility and easy operation. It might seem counterproductive to […]

Open Source Could Clean Up US Elections

It’s obvious from the latest U.S. election that our voting system could use some improvement in terms of both enabling and supporting voters and efficiently tallying and verifying a trusted result. Open source offers the technology, as well as the culture and community, to address these challenges, and it may be among the best solutions. […]

FOSS’ Fight Against China’s Free-as-in-Pirated Syndrome

The tide of software piracy in China may be ebbing. With the clear support of the Chinese government, several software organizations and computer firms based in Europe and the U.S. are conducting events focusing on growing open source in China. The push toward China’s active participation in the open source community signals a maturing of […]

Open Source Ammo for the SMB Security Arsenal

Technology professionals who work in and around SMBs know that sometimes bringing up information security in a smaller IT shop can be a tough sell. In many cases, SMBs feel that they don’t present an attractive or large enough target for hackers to be interested in them. For example, a small community bank or credit […]

Open Source Lives in Polyglot Programming

The prominence and pervasiveness of open source software in cloud computing is something I’ve researched and written about quite a bit. I’ve also discussed how open source software is a key component and catalyst for the devops trend that blends application development and deployment via IT operations. Now I’m seeing the same effect from open […]

5 Best Open Source Tools to Create Scalable Online Social Networking Platforms

While Facebook and Twitter is the core of the Internet’s social networking world, some companies and organizations may have reasons to set up their own social networking applications. For some companies, setting up their own social network is a good option because the public Internet may not be secure enough for certain conversations concerning sensitive […]

Open Source Still Draws Proprietary Vendors Into the Fold

VMware continued its embrace of open source software with its recent acquisition of open source and virtual network provider Nicira. The move continued VMware’s aggressive M&A strategy and its effort to transition from proprietary software and virtualization to a broader market and cloud computing, largely through open source software. VMware continues to back and sell […]

Who Loves Hadoop?

Mention big data and the first thing that might come to mind is Hadoop. The open source software framework has recently enjoyed a great deal of popularity among vendors and enterprise users. However, if it is to really be useful to the enterprise, Hadoop may need to be taken out of open source, argues Brian […]

Netflix Releases Chaos Monkey Into the Wild

Netflix on Monday released the source code for its Chaos Monkey tool into the open source jungle. Chaos Monkey is a tool the company built in the Amazon Web Services system. Its job is to randomly kill virtual machines and services within Netflix’s architecture. The idea is to test systems in real-world conditions. Chaos Monkey’s […]

Enyo’s Out of Beta – but Will Devs Give it Love?

HP brought Enyo — the open source object-oriented JavaScript framework for webOS — out of beta this week, six months after the ill-fated operating system was contributed to the open source community. Enyo 2.0 now has a community of developers, a broad set of cross-platform user interface widgets, and a layout library for building apps […]