Study: Google Play Apps Go Beyond Need-to-Know

An analysis of more than 400,000 apps in the Google Play store has revealed that more than 100,000 of them pose a potential security risk to their users. The analysis of the Android apps released last week by cyber security vendor Bit9 examined the security permissions requested by the programs. It found that 72 percent […]

Google to Developers: You Have the Con

Google on Monday made its new Android developer console available to devs everywhere on Google Play. The console was announced at Google I/O in July, and devs were invited to test out a beta version. “The developer tools and portal are key areas of enablement for any application platform,” Al Hilwa, program director, applications development […]

3 Best Launchers for Android 4.0+ ICS

With ICS becoming available for more and more smartphones and tablets, apps specifically designed for Android 4.0+ ICS is slowly gaining foothold. Story is no different as far as Android Launchers are concerned. Though a good number of highly regarded Android launchers have not been updated for Android ICS, a number of brand new Launchers are […]

Top 10 Free Apps Designed for Android 4.0+ ICS

Android 4.0 code named Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was released more than three months ago. Google’s own Galaxy Nexus is perhaps the only device that ships with it at the moment. And because of that, there are only a handful of Android apps available whose design has been updated for Android 4.0+. That will change […]

10 Most Creatively Designed Apps for Android: Part 1

Android Market aka Google Play is growing exponentially. Over 600,000 apps of all sizes and shapes already. But what are the apps that really stand out from a design stand point? Which all are the Android apps that comes with the most beautiful UI? Let’s take a peek at 15 of the most innovatively designed […]