Roam Control Could Muscle You Out of a Tight Spot

Minimal signal bars? In the middle of nowhere? Your phone should automatically roam onto alternative networks designated by carrier roaming agreements, but sometimes it doesn’t — the phone can appear biased towards your home network. I’ve been looking at Roam Control, an Android app — not available in Google Play — that lets you force […]

Following Microsoft’s Recipes for Android Self-Programming

Microsoft is involved in a project geared toward self-programming and extending the functionality of the Android smartphone environment. That’s surprising, because Microsoft has got its own phone OS that competes. However, on{X} in beta is bringing some unique JavaScript APIs to the table that let you program your phone remotely. Javascript rules you create on […]

Visual Voicemail Plus Is Mostly on the Money

Visual voicemail functionality is the visual element in a voicemail application that allows text to be transcribed and displayed on the phone — or more simply, message headers, or envelopes, are displayed textually in a list. Options often include push to email and SMS. It’s been around in various forms since Apple’s iPhone kick-started smartphone […]

Google Chrome to Phone Android App is Insanely Useful

If SwipePad proved really useful to you all, here is another unique app for Android that can further simplify and add value to your day-to-day smartphone use. Google Chrome to Phone is an official Google Inc. made app for Android which lets you send links, maps or phone numbers from your Google Chrome browser in […]

Google Pours Chrome Into Android

Google has brought its Chrome Web browser to the Android Market. A beta edition of the browser is available from the app shop now for free, but since its operation is restricted to the latest version of the mobile operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, only about 1 percent of Android’s millions of users will be […]

Galaxy Nexus: A Dazzling Phone With an Enormous Appetite

OK, Greenpeace, arrest me now as an eco-criminal. I must have single-handedly deforested a good tract of the Amazon rain forest over the last few days. In mitigation, I plead that this was because of the requirements of my job. I was testing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The device is sleek and sexy, has a […]

SwipePad: A Must Have App for Every Android Device

SwipePad is a simple application that lets you launch any app with a single swipe action from within any other app. Upon being recommended by a friend of mine, SwipePad was one of those applications I installed immediately after receiving my first Android phone. Since then, SwipePad has become an integral part of my daily […]

Updating the ROM in Your Mobile Device

Remember this: The phone or tablet you purchased is yours. It does not belong to the carrier that you bought it from despite the fact that the device is emblazoned with its corporate identity, logo or splash screen. This outright ownership you have in the device means that you can do whatever you like with […]

Making VoIP Calls With Your Android Phone

If you live or work in an area with marginal cell service and want to use your Android smartphone to make and receive voice calls, you can. The key is to piggyback on an Internet connection at your location using the Internet bandwidth there to carry your voice traffic. This method of calling works using […]