Open Source Lives in Polyglot Programming

The prominence and pervasiveness of open source software in cloud computing is something I’ve researched and written about quite a bit. I’ve also discussed how open source software is a key component and catalyst for the devops trend that blends application development and deployment via IT operations. Now I’m seeing the same effect from open […]

LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice, Part Deux

Ubuntu Made Easy Shortens the Learning Curve

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and user-friendly Linux operating systems you will find. That said, Ubuntu can be intimidating and frustrating to computer users just stepping out of the World of Windows. Nothing beats learning how to use the Linux operating system like hands-on discovery. Having someone to coach you through the questions […]

5 Best Open Source Tools to Create Scalable Online Social Networking Platforms

While Facebook and Twitter is the core of the Internet’s social networking world, some companies and organizations may have reasons to set up their own social networking applications. For some companies, setting up their own social network is a good option because the public Internet may not be secure enough for certain conversations concerning sensitive […]

Like FOSS Fog, Cloud Confusion May Not Matter

The general public knows little about the true technology fundamentals of cloud computing, suggests a recent survey commissioned by IT vendor Citrix. Almost a third of the roughly 1,000 U.S. adults polled thought cloud computing was related to weather. However, the ascendance of Linux and open source software 10 years ago demonstrated that everyday people […]

Blender Graphics Editor Slices, Dices and Amazes

Blender is such a highly specialized and powerful rendering app that at least two Linux distros are built around it. This cross-platform 3D graphics application matches features and performance of the leading commercial equivalent software packages. Professional-strength rendering software is not a tool for tinkerers. It also is not a product that must-have-it users will […]

Open Source Still Draws Proprietary Vendors Into the Fold

VMware continued its embrace of open source software with its recent acquisition of open source and virtual network provider Nicira. The move continued VMware’s aggressive M&A strategy and its effort to transition from proprietary software and virtualization to a broader market and cloud computing, largely through open source software. VMware continues to back and sell […]

Who Loves Hadoop?

Mention big data and the first thing that might come to mind is Hadoop. The open source software framework has recently enjoyed a great deal of popularity among vendors and enterprise users. However, if it is to really be useful to the enterprise, Hadoop may need to be taken out of open source, argues Brian […]

What Does Microsoft Have to Do to Earn FOSSers’ Respect?

Linux Admin Manual Is a Great Reference Tool That’s Not for Dummies

Linux Administration: A Beginner’s Guide by Wale Soyinka is a hands-on manual for IT staffers who must dance with Windows and Linux. It is a practical guide for network admins who deploy and maintain Linux and other free and open source software. In this Sixth Edition opus, Soyinka provides an extensive update on the latest […]