FOSS’ Fight Against China’s Free-as-in-Pirated Syndrome

The tide of software piracy in China may be ebbing. With the clear support of the Chinese government, several software organizations and computer firms based in Europe and the U.S. are conducting events focusing on growing open source in China. The push toward China’s active participation in the open source community signals a maturing of […]

Enyo’s Out of Beta – but Will Devs Give it Love?

HP brought Enyo — the open source object-oriented JavaScript framework for webOS — out of beta this week, six months after the ill-fated operating system was contributed to the open source community. Enyo 2.0 now has a community of developers, a broad set of cross-platform user interface widgets, and a layout library for building apps […]

What Does Microsoft Have to Do to Earn FOSSers’ Respect?

Enyo’s End Is Not Nigh

Most of HP’s webOS team, including Matt McNulty, head of the project, is moving to Google according to a report by The Verge citing several unnamed sources. The departing team is said to be almost wholly responsible for Enyo’s code. Enyo replaced Mojo as webOS’s software development kit in 2011. It is unclear what this […]

Microsoft Open Technologies: Same Old, Same Old?

Well the shock had barely worn off from the recent news that Microsoft is among the Linux kernel’s biggest contributors when another mind-bending announcement was made on a closely related theme. The development this time? None other than Microsoft’s declaration last week that it was creating a wholly owned subsidiary devoted to forging closer ties […]

Yahoo Serves Mojito to Liven Up the Mobile Web Party

Yahoo has offered its Mojito application framework to the open source community under the BSD license. Mojito is an MVC JavaScript Web application framework built on release 3 of Yahoo’s open source JavaScript Yahoo User Interface Library. MVC is a software architecture that isolates the domain logic from the user interface, which allows for independent […]

Enterprise Web Apps: The Next Generation

When the bright folks at Zeebox, a killer social TV site, decided to build their website, they naturally turned to cloud services because they are a startup and had to use their money wisely. They also turned to the Scala language and open source community because they had very specific scalability and performance needs, like […]

Top 10 Linux distros in pictures

Right now is an exciting time for Linux, it’s popularity is increasing and the most popular distro, Ubuntu, has just released it’s latest version: 11.10  ‘Oneiric Ocelot’. Below you will find the 10 most popular distributions of this excellent Free and Open Source operating system! A portion of the sales of each distro goes toward […]