XFCE Makes Mint Even Fresher

The latest incarnation of the XFCE desktop proves once again that when you delve into the wonders of the Linux OS, something old definitely becomes something new again. The Linux Mint 13 team has released a specially flavored distro built around the latest version of the XFCE interface. This is not a bolted-on graphical user […]

Mint 13 Is Sweet, Refreshing and Cool

Linux Mint 13, the Maya release, is an impressive upgrade that builds on the progress found in version 12. It contains few additional innovations to the operating system. But it updates numerous core elements and provides more solid performance from the two new desktop interfaces introduced in Mint 12. Linux Mint 13 offers one of […]

The Trouble With Mandriva

Now that Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Mint are enjoying such widespread attention and success, it’s increasingly difficult to remember that not all distros are sharing in the same good fortune. Take Mandriva, for example. This venerable distro dates back to 1998, when it was born as Mandrake Linux, but its last few years have […]

Tips and Tricks For Linux Mint

By Liz Lavender Linux Mint is a upcoming and popular distribution of Linux. There are many common questions about Linux Mint that people want to know the answers to. How do you install Linux Mint? Download the distribution and burn it to a CD as an image and not a data file. You can put […]

Linux Mint 12 Lisa Review: Magnificent is the Word!

Linux Mint, the venerable Ubuntu based Linux distro, is in the news again. Linux Mint 12 codenamed “Lisa” is finally released. It based on GNOME 3.0 and runs GNOME Shell with some ingenious tweaks of its own. Detailed review of Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” OS. Read on. Linux Mint 12 Review A friend of mine […]

Mint With Cinnamon: A New Sweet Spot for Desktop Linux?

Well CES is nearing its conclusion for another year, winding down an event that may well have brought Linux more mainstream attention than any other in the show’s four-decades-long history. Much of that heightened focus has been due to the widely trumpeted Ubuntu TV debut, of course. There’s no doubt Ubuntu has had its share […]