KMyMoney Is as Simple to Use as Quicken

KMyMoney is a comprehensive finance-tracking application that does not require an accounting degree to use effectively. Linux provides several hearty checkbook and banking programs. Among the more well-known are GNUCash, Grisbi, Skrooge and MoneyDance. Each of these contenders for your attention have their own unique look and feel. GNUCash is as much of a standard […]

Unity 4 Released, Adds Ability to Publish Games to Linux

First, it was Valve, who went all the way by releasing Steam dedicated client for Linux (still in beta testing phase). Then came NVIDIA, a world leader in GPUs, announcing their optimized for Linux NVIDIA GeForce R310 drivers (in collaboration with Valve) for enhanced gaming experience in Linux. If all these feels like a dream […]

Nvidia’s Ginormous Gift to Linux Gamers

Microsoft’s Bizarro World LinuxCon Sponsorship

Here in the Linux blogosphere, there are several hypothetical scenarios that most agree would surely make the Earth stand still. Flying pigs, of course, is one of them; numerous others, however, involve Microsoft doing something that promotes Linux. It was perhaps no great surprise, then, to witness the stunned hush that fell over the blogosphere […]

Linaro, ARM and the Road to Total Linux Domination

Well it seems like the dust may finally be settling here in the Linux blogosphere, and Linux Girl is fervently hoping for some long-overdue rest. We endured the launch of Rectangle with Rounded Corners 5; we patiently listened to the endless blaring fanfare surrounding Windows 8′s debut. Is there no end to the autumnal excitement? […]

NVIDIA Releases New Linux Drivers, Receives HUGE Performance Boost, Valve Launches Steam for Linux Beta!

It is not everyday that you hear a major hardware vendor releasing a dedicated Linux driver with much fanfare. NVIDIA has just announced the latest NVIDIA GeForce drivers – R310 – for Linux. According to NVIDIA, this new set of drivers for Linux almost double the performance and dramatically reduce game loading times in Linux […]

Linux Preloaded: Coming Soon to a PC Near You

It’s no secret that many here in the Linux blogosphere greeted Windows 8 with jubilation — not because they had any intention of using it, but because of the opportunity they think it represents for Linux to capture a greater proportion of mainstream users. That, indeed, was the hot topic du jour last week, but […]

OCRFeeder Fails to Feed Factually

OCRFeeder is a document layout analysis and optical character recognition application. It is a type of software that leaves much to be desired on the Linux desktop. OCR software is a companion tool to scanning a document. The scanner software creates a photo-like image of the scanned document. The OCR component lets you edit the […]

Microsoft’s Big Gamble Could Be Linux’s Big Shot

Now that Windows 8 has made its long-awaited and widely trumpeted debut, there seems to be a fresh air of excitement and purpose here in the Linux blogosphere. This, of course, is not to say that many of us here are particularly excited about Microsoft’s new OS, per se. Quite the opposite, in fact: Many […]

Windows 8: Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

There just doesn’t seem to be any rest for the weary here in the Linux blogosphere lately, what with the release of Ubuntu Linux 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal” last week and the “Rectangle with Rounded Corners” 5 not long before that. Next up? Well, it’s Windows 8, which officially launches on Friday. FOSS fans’ hackles have […]