Linux’s Brilliant New Gaming Career

Desktop Matchmaking in Linux Land

Well it’s been a few years since Linux Girl has had the pleasure of writing about dating in the Linux world — always one of her favorite topics! — but recently the topic came up again, albeit with a slight twist. Specifically, in a recent article over at Datamation, it wasn’t so much human-to-human matchmaking […]

Is It Wrong to Make a Profit From FOSS?

There’s just never a dull moment here in the Linux blogosphere, whether there’s big news being made at the moment or not. Some weeks, we have wild activity surrounding the latest moves from Canonical, for example, or perhaps Adobe’s latest affront; such happenings are virtually guaranteed to generate some lively conversation. Even in other weeks, […]

Raspberry Pi and Cotton Candy: Computing’s Newest Treats

There has never been any shortage of interesting names here in the Linux world, but recently a decidedly sugary theme has emerged. Just in the past week, we saw the debut of Cotton Candy and the long-awaited Raspberry Pi — two diminutive computing devices that may have the potential to shake up the computing world. […]

WordGrinder: Good, Old-Fashioned Text Editing Power

If you spend endless hours at a keyboard crunching words, avoiding distractions is essential. Sometimes, the worst offender in causing distractions comes from all the bells and whistles in the word processor itself. That is where WordGrinder comes to the rescue. In today’s Linux world of GUI-filled desktops, using a text editor that runs within […]

Will the Spark Tablet Ignite a FOSS Fire?

Now that webOS is making its merry way along the open road, there’s no telling what tablets or other mobile devices it may inspire over the upcoming months. In the meantime, the Linux world is all abuzz over what promises to be the very first fully open tablet out there: the Spark, a device slated […]

The Surprisingly Juicy Desktop Linux Market Share Report

There’s no doubt the Linux world has seen its share of good news over the past year or so, but every once in a while a tidbit comes along that calls for a little extra fanfare. Case in point: Recent data from research firm Net Applications suggests that desktop Linux’s market share has jumped considerably […]