KMyMoney Is as Simple to Use as Quicken

KMyMoney is a comprehensive finance-tracking application that does not require an accounting degree to use effectively. Linux provides several hearty checkbook and banking programs. Among the more well-known are GNUCash, Grisbi, Skrooge and MoneyDance. Each of these contenders for your attention have their own unique look and feel. GNUCash is as much of a standard […]

Mageia Linux: A Delightful OS for Work or Play

If you fancy game playing, the latest release of the Mageia Linux OS will be a fun experience. Even if you never open a game, Mageia 2 is a solid distribution well suited to newcomers and seasoned Linux users alike. Mageia is a fork of the now defunct Mandriva distro. It was developed by a […]

Steam for Linux is Coming Next Month!!

All you Linux aficionados can breath a sigh of relief. Steam is coming to Linux and no, you don’t have to wait till 2013 since Steam for Linux is coming next month! Steam for Linux Coming Next Month In a recent blogpost, where the launch of Steam workshop for L4D2 game was announced by Valve, it […]

KDE 4.9: As Pretty and Peppy as a Linux Desktop Can Be

The latest release earlier this month of the K Desktop Environment, or KDE, is a solid upgrade that could very well win back the hearts and fingers of Linux users who wandered off to other, less powerful desktop shells. I am particularly impressed with its smooth integration into the dedicated KDE distribution in Linux Mint […]

In Search of the Best Linux for Windows Refugees

Much as we here in the Linux community may wish that everyone could cut their proverbial computing “teeth” on our favorite operating system, the fact remains that the majority of the world starts off on Windows. That, after all, is why the tragedy of “Microsoft Trained Brain Syndrome” has persisted all these years. It only […]

Who Loves Ya, Linux Baby?

If there’s anything important in this competitive world, it’s the ability to tell one’s friends from one’s enemies. We here in the Linux blogosphere tend to be pretty good at that, but recently a surprising turn of events left us befuddled. Namely: Mozilla’s decision to leave Linux support out of the initial release of its […]

First Official Release of Songbird Fork – Nightingale Music Player – Just Happened!

Linux Loses Flash Player – but Does Anyone Care?

Adobe has been a fickle friend to Linux in recent times. Not only did the company put the brakes on mobile Flash last year, but it also put Linux users on a roller-coaster ride for 64-bit Flash and it pulled the plug on AIR for Linux. The latest affront? Coming soon, there will be no […]