Mageia Linux: A Delightful OS for Work or Play

If you fancy game playing, the latest release of the Mageia Linux OS will be a fun experience. Even if you never open a game, Mageia 2 is a solid distribution well suited to newcomers and seasoned Linux users alike. Mageia is a fork of the now defunct Mandriva distro. It was developed by a […]

Linux and Windows: Peaceful Coexistence

One of the stumbling blocks in migrating to the Linux desktop is the mistaken view that you can’t take it with you. Your data must remain captive to the Microsoft operating system. Not true at all. A related misconception that stalls many Windows users from adopting the Linux OS is the belief that when you […]

XFCE Makes Mint Even Fresher

The latest incarnation of the XFCE desktop proves once again that when you delve into the wonders of the Linux OS, something old definitely becomes something new again. The Linux Mint 13 team has released a specially flavored distro built around the latest version of the XFCE interface. This is not a bolted-on graphical user […]

Fork Skewers Photoshop Skin GimpShop

I thought I had found image-manipulating Nirvana with GimpShop. But the wide world of open source software and the Linux community failed me this week. My quest for a better GIMP tool to give me a Photoshop-like Windows experience turned into a fool’s folly. Actually, my faith in the Linux OS is still intact. But […]

LXDE: This Lightweight Distro Isn’t Missing Much

It’s no wonder that the Linux desktop operating system is not attracting hordes of new users from Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS X platforms. Linux has almost too many desktop choices, and most of them are far from good. One clear exception is the Lightweight X Desktop Environment, or LXDE. I am becoming increasingly […]

AVG Rescue CD is a handy Live CD!

AVG has a seemingly little-known Live CD based on a Linux OS that has very powerful tools included.  Information and an image of the application is included below. Comprehensive administration toolkit System recovery from virus and spyware infections Suitable for recovering MS Windows and Linux operating systems (FAT32 and NTFS file systems) Ability to perform […]