Ubuntu Made Easy Shortens the Learning Curve

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and user-friendly Linux operating systems you will find. That said, Ubuntu can be intimidating and frustrating to computer users just stepping out of the World of Windows. Nothing beats learning how to use the Linux operating system like hands-on discovery. Having someone to coach you through the questions […]

Making Linux Work

The fear of failure factor is one reason why potential newcomers to the Linux operating system never complete the switch. After all, when was the last time you saw a sign in a big-box computer store identifying the aisle labeled “Linux Loaded?” Most desktops and laptops come out of the box with Microsoft Windows preinstalled. […]

Desktop Linux – Will It Ever Stick?

A Little Linux? Linux-based netbooks like the Asus Eee PC and MSI Wind are being returned four times as often as their Windows OS counterparts. The Grouse explores netbooks and muses over Joe Windows’ take About seven years ago, I tried to free myself from the oppression and misery of running Windows ME by installing […]

Ask a Geek: How Can I Bring My Computer With Me on a Thumb Drive?

Computer-on-a-Thumb-Drive thereddress.co.uk For those who like to bring everything with them. Whether you’re a traveling salesman or a globetrotting superspy, there are times when you’re on the road but wish you had all your familiar applications with you. To get all the features you’re used to, carry them on a flash drive that you can […]

Learning The Facts Of Linux Hosting

By Henry R Staller People who are into computer programming and are good at it know about how good Linux is and what it can do. Linux is the operating system of choice for people who use their computers for more than just entertainment purposes. It is more capable when it comes to programming of […]

Linux is easy to try out

Linux can be experienced by downloading a version of your choice, a distro, then burning it to a CD. You now have what’s known as a “Linux Live CD”, and disk that can be booted on your PC, and then allows you to load the Linux operating system into your PC’s memory, and it will […]

How to Boot Linux From a USB Drive?

How to Boot Linux From a USB Drive? By Tom Patrick Most of the notebook owners are always on the run, what if the Linux operating system installed gets corrupt. One can suggest for such cases Linux data recovery software are available in the market to backup your data and save your data from damage. […]

Linux Certification – An Opportunity For You to Get a Good Job

By Allan Massey In this fast pace world, many companies come out with different training as well as certification programs to improve the technical skill of the individuals in different sector. Linux Certification is considered as proof that an individual has excellent technical skills. It is one among those certifications that will boost up the […]