Zorin Linux Is Heavy on the Windows Dressing

Zorin Linux 6.0 is a very capable replacement operating system for Microsoft Windows. It is also a bother-free alternative to other Linux distros that suffer from the usability issues of the Gnome 3 or Ubuntu Unity desktop interfaces. The Zorin Linux distro is an offshoot of Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux but it has much more of […]

Blender Graphics Editor Slices, Dices and Amazes

Blender is such a highly specialized and powerful rendering app that at least two Linux distros are built around it. This cross-platform 3D graphics application matches features and performance of the leading commercial equivalent software packages. Professional-strength rendering software is not a tool for tinkerers. It also is not a product that must-have-it users will […]

Mod Your PC for Triple Boot: a PC for All Seasons

Triple Boot Drives The two Ubuntu partitions are not visible in Windows Vista. Also, the Windows XP partition is named “DOS,” in my example. Dave Prochnow Install, configure, and boot Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux on a single machine Lucky you; you just received a brand new shiny PC for your [fill in […]

Top 10 Linux distros in pictures

Right now is an exciting time for Linux, it’s popularity is increasing and the most popular distro, Ubuntu, has just released it’s latest version: 11.10  ‘Oneiric Ocelot’. Below you will find the 10 most popular distributions of this excellent Free and Open Source operating system! A portion of the sales of each distro goes toward […]