Ubuntu GNOME Remix Reviewed: This is my NEW Favorite Linux Distro for Netbooks

Netbooks are an extremely useful breed of laptops especially for those who travel a lot. Most of them are extremely cheap to own too. But there’s a catch. Windows 7 is an absolute pain to use in lower spec’d devices and I have realized that newer versions of Ubuntu is not exactly what you want […]

History of Ubuntu: Revisited & Updated

Ubuntu has touched the lives of many among us in different ways. I can’t speak for everyone here and hence I will share a few of my experiences with Ubuntu. For me, Ubuntu was the gateway to Linux and the whole open source way of thinking. Ubuntu taught me that computers are not all about […]

Mint With Cinnamon: A New Sweet Spot for Desktop Linux?

Well CES is nearing its conclusion for another year, winding down an event that may well have brought Linux more mainstream attention than any other in the show’s four-decades-long history. Much of that heightened focus has been due to the widely trumpeted Ubuntu TV debut, of course. There’s no doubt Ubuntu has had its share […]

Linux is easy to try out

Linux can be experienced by downloading a version of your choice, a distro, then burning it to a CD. You now have what’s known as a “Linux Live CD”, and disk that can be booted on your PC, and then allows you to load the Linux operating system into your PC’s memory, and it will […]