Ubuntu Made Easy Shortens the Learning Curve

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and user-friendly Linux operating systems you will find. That said, Ubuntu can be intimidating and frustrating to computer users just stepping out of the World of Windows. Nothing beats learning how to use the Linux operating system like hands-on discovery. Having someone to coach you through the questions […]

Dangerous Concessions: Red Hat, Fedora and the Secure Boot Shocker

The Privacy Pickle

“Is privacy only for those with something to hide?” is the title of an open ballot on TuxRadar that has kicked off quite a debate. TuxRadar points to the full-disk encryption option now offered by several Linux distributions — along with potential law-enforcement implications — but the topic is also particularly timely in light of […]

Unofficial r/Linux Distro Survey 2012 Puts Ubuntu on Top, Arch Linux a Close Second

‘Which is the most popular Linux distro’ is a question that has been raging like for ever. Ubuntu remained on top of the charts ever since its official launch in 2004. But the resurgence of Linux Mint as DistroWatch’s most popular distro has stirred up a lot of debates. Redditor TyIzaeL conducted an unofficial Linux […]

The Trouble With Mandriva

Now that Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Mint are enjoying such widespread attention and success, it’s increasingly difficult to remember that not all distros are sharing in the same good fortune. Take Mandriva, for example. This venerable distro dates back to 1998, when it was born as Mandrake Linux, but its last few years have […]

Getting Games to Work on Linux

By Henrik Jonsson For many the big issue with Linux is that it doesn’t run video games as well as Windows. This is true mainly because the games are specifically written for Windows and not for Linux. The Linux side of things has to tweak a few things to get the games to work where […]

Linux Commands Training – The Commands in /usr Directories – Linux System Administration Training

By Clyde E. Boom The Linux /usr/local Directory (Path) The local directory (below /usr) is commonly used for the parent directory of Linux software programs that are installed “locally”. Run the following command to see the contents of the local directory. $ ls -la /usr/local This directory is often empty immediately after installing Linux. Linux […]

Linux – Newbies Can Use It, Too!

Linux – Newbies Can Use It, Too! By Michael Dorf When many people hear the term “Linux”, it conjures up mental images of arcane commands being typed on a monochrome terminal. Linux can be intimidating for many users because for a long time it required a decent knowledge of UNIX like operating systems to use […]