The Linux Desktop: Not Dead, Just Broken

Faithful readers of the Linux Blog Safari column here at LinuxInsider may recall the woeful report a few weeks back that a murder had been committed — by Apple, no less! — and that the Linux desktop was dead. It was a distressing report, to be sure, not least because there was no corpse in […]

Linux and Windows: Peaceful Coexistence

One of the stumbling blocks in migrating to the Linux desktop is the mistaken view that you can’t take it with you. Your data must remain captive to the Microsoft operating system. Not true at all. A related misconception that stalls many Windows users from adopting the Linux OS is the belief that when you […]

A Murder Is Announced, but No Corpse Can Be Found

Well, it pains Linux Girl to have to write these words, but it looks like the “Death of Desktop Linux” story is back for another round. Yes, after countless debates and discussions of the topic ad nauseum over the years — the most recent being just a few short months ago, in fact — it […]

For Modest Mousepad, Simplicity Is Both Virtue and Vexation

Mousepad is a notepad-like graphical text editor for Xfce based on the Leafpad text editor that runs on any Linux desktop. It is very handy as a go-to tool when you do not have any heavy lifting to do. If you are looking for a text editor that functions more like a lightweight word processor, […]

KDE 4.9: As Pretty and Peppy as a Linux Desktop Can Be

The latest release earlier this month of the K Desktop Environment, or KDE, is a solid upgrade that could very well win back the hearts and fingers of Linux users who wandered off to other, less powerful desktop shells. I am particularly impressed with its smooth integration into the dedicated KDE distribution in Linux Mint […]

LXDE: This Lightweight Distro Isn’t Missing Much

It’s no wonder that the Linux desktop operating system is not attracting hordes of new users from Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS X platforms. Linux has almost too many desktop choices, and most of them are far from good. One clear exception is the Lightweight X Desktop Environment, or LXDE. I am becoming increasingly […]

Radio Tray: Tiny Web Radio Player Is Handy but Picks Up Some Static

If you spend a lot of time at your keyboard, no doubt you dabble a lot in listening to Internet radio. Radio Tray is a relatively new Linux app that can make tuning in to your favorite radio stations a new experience. Radio Tray is a streaming player for online radio that sits on the […]

Music Management Takes Flight With Songbird

Asking a seasoned Linux user what music player you should use is akin to bringing up questions about religion or politics with your drinking buddies. A much safer strategy is, don’t ask and don’t tell. But if you insist, let me throw a suggestion into the fray. Uncage Songbird. You might be pleasantly surprised at […]