Linux and Kids: A Tale of Success as a Hero Battles for Life

Well it was a dark, dark week in the Linux blogosphere last week, as further evidence of the economy’s sickly state spread across the land. Tale after tale of personal tragedy has popped up on Google+ and beyond, in fact, making it more clear than ever that the magnitude of this economic crisis has reached […]

In Search of the Best Linux for Windows Refugees

Much as we here in the Linux community may wish that everyone could cut their proverbial computing “teeth” on our favorite operating system, the fact remains that the majority of the world starts off on Windows. That, after all, is why the tragedy of “Microsoft Trained Brain Syndrome” has persisted all these years. It only […]

Valve, Linux and the Windows 8 ‘Catastrophe’

Love knows no bounds, as the old saying goes, and there may be no better example than the Linux community’s feelings for Valve. That, of course, dates back to the magical day in April when the gaming company announced it was bringing its Steam gaming platform to Linux at last, causing no end of jubilation […]

The Return of MeeGo: Phones and Apps and Games, Oh My!

One of the best things about being part of the Linux community is that life is absolutely never boring around here. Take MeeGo, for instance. First, it came, as a result of the merger between Maemo and Moblin. Then, it went — namely, when Tizen arrived. Now? You guessed it: It’s back! Finnish startup Jolla […]

Fork Skewers Photoshop Skin GimpShop

I thought I had found image-manipulating Nirvana with GimpShop. But the wide world of open source software and the Linux community failed me this week. My quest for a better GIMP tool to give me a Photoshop-like Windows experience turned into a fool’s folly. Actually, my faith in the Linux OS is still intact. But […]