Ubuntu GNOME Remix Reviewed: This is my NEW Favorite Linux Distro for Netbooks

Netbooks are an extremely useful breed of laptops especially for those who travel a lot. Most of them are extremely cheap to own too. But there’s a catch. Windows 7 is an absolute pain to use in lower spec’d devices and I have realized that newer versions of Ubuntu is not exactly what you want […]

Torvalds Drops F-Bomb on Nvidia

It’s not often the “F-word” figures prominently in any major debate here in the Recently, however, it was catapulted into a starring role when it was uttered by none other than Linus Torvalds himself during a talk at the Aalto Centre for Entrepreneurship in Finland earlier this month. The topic was Nvidia, to be precise […]

Linus, GNOME 3, and Much Ado About Desktop Interfaces

If ever there was a week to make a person believe in the cosmic forces of fate, this might be it. To wit: Linus Torvalds — always a topic of interest here in the Linux blogosphere — has been a particularly “hot topic” in recent weeks thanks to his critical comments earlier this month about […]

Windows RT and the Dastardly Browser-Exclusion Deed

Life is never dull here in the world of technology, but some weeks it’s hard to remember that this is actually the real world, and not some epic tale of the battle between good and evil. We’ve seen plenty of examples of good pulling ahead in the struggle in recent weeks, of course — the […]

Linus, Linux and the Millennium Technology Prize

It doesn’t happen often here in the Linux blogosphere that FOSS fans agree unanimously on — well, on pretty much anything. Truth be told, there’s generally good reason for the dissension. Take Microsoft’s latest maneuvers, for example — are they good news? Bad news? It’s not always easy to tell. Last week, however, one of […]

Linux Throws a Bit of Android Into 3.3 Kernel

Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, announced version 3.3 of the kernel Sunday. Among the most noteworthy changes found in 3.3 is the merging of kernel code from the Android project. Linux 3.3 also includes support for a new architecture, the Texas Instruments VelociTI Very Long Instruction Word architecture used in its C6x family of […]

OpenSUSE, Linus’ Daughter, and a Question of Security

There’s nothing like a rant to get the conversational ball rolling here in the Linux blogosphere, and if it can be a rant from Linus Torvalds himself, well, it doesn’t get much better than that. That, in fact, is just what last week afforded in the form of a Google+ post from the father of […]