Ubuntu App Showdown: 15 Hot Apps to Watch

Ubuntu App Showdown contest was introduced more than a month ago by Canonical to encourage application development for Ubuntu in a big way. And the initiative is showing results already. More than 150 applications were submitted out of which, 133 has been qualified and made it to the final list. Judges will vote on the […]

No Ice Cream Sandwich for You? Clone It!

If you’ve been waiting with the patience of biblical figure Job for your handset maker to release a hardware-specific version of Android’s latest incarnation, the 4.0 operating system called “Ice Cream Sandwich,” or ICS, and it hasn’t yet, you can try cloning it. You can achieve this without rooting, by taking advantage of a launcher […]

Synapse Launcher is Not Maintained Anymore, Might Need Your Help

Kupfer and Synapse are two incredibly elegant launcher applications for Ubuntu. Synapse has been my favorite for a long time now (though I have to add, I don’t use it as often as I used to ever since the the arrival of Unity and GNOME Shell). Now it seems like, Synapse is not maintained anymore […]

10 New Features Added to Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

I had a less than ideal experience with Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2. But two recent updates have resolved almost all the issues I had with Ubuntu 12.04. A lot of new features and minor UI improvements keeps on coming in. Let’s make of list of them all, shall we? So here is a quick roundup […]

No More Dodge Windows in Unity? Global Menu to Become Optional in Ubuntu 12.04?

Unity redefined Ubuntu over the years. But big changes don’t happen overnight and Unity still is a work in progress. Many features introduced in Unity, like Global Menu, is not really a popular functionality, especially among desktop users. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is coming up and Canonical is doing everything they can to restore the past […]

Unity 5.2 Released, Brings in Multi-Monitor Support

Unity 5.2 is released and it brings in some much needed features to Ubuntu’s Unity shell. The new upgraded Unity comes with multi-monitor support and there is this tiny little Unity launcher related hack that is going to make the lives of so many Ubuntu users a wee bit easier.  What’s New in Unity 5.2? […]

TSF Shell Pro 3D Android Launcher – Could This be the App That Sets Charts on Fire?

TSF Shell Pro 3D is an Android launcher still under construction. From the initial looks of it, TSF Shell Pro 3D could just be the most awesome Android Launcher to date. In our earlier review featuring top launchers for Android, we saw simple, lightweight launchers like Launcher Pro to high profile, flamboyant ones like SPB Shell 3D. But from […]