Gnumeric Crunches Numbers Like a Pro

Gnumeric is a lightweight spreadsheet program that is fast and feature complete. Much like its chief open source competitors OpenOffice and LibreOffice, its graphical user interface is nothing fancy. What it lacks in colorful design or exciting visual menu displays, however, it surpasses with its format flexibility and easy operation. It might seem counterproductive to […]

Ubuntu 12.10: Unity Just Sort of Grows on You

The recent release of Ubuntu 12.10, aka Quantal Quetzal, is a more palatable version of the open source OS built around the Unity desktop environment. Perhaps I am growing more accustomed to Unity, or maybe Canonical’s developers are succeeding in refining the graphical user interface, so it seems less objectionable for me to use. In […]

XFCE Makes Mint Even Fresher

The latest incarnation of the XFCE desktop proves once again that when you delve into the wonders of the Linux OS, something old definitely becomes something new again. The Linux Mint 13 team has released a specially flavored distro built around the latest version of the XFCE interface. This is not a bolted-on graphical user […]

The Smallest OS in the West

Tiny Core Memory Usage Dave Prochnow An operating system so small, if you drop it on the carpet you might lose it Are you torn between two lovers, thinking back lovingly to those simple days of disk-based operating systems that could fit on a 1.44MB disk but remaining steadfastly enamored of a graphical user interface […]