No Thanks, ALK – the Google Lady Is My Copilot

I’ve gone a bit mad for smartphone GPS and everything that goes with it, including back country topo maps, tablet mounts and in-car mode screen assistant widgets. If you’ve been reading some of my TechNewsWorld and LinuxInsider columns lately, you already know that. I’ve also been kitting out my phone with some highly sophisticated GPS […]

Roam Control Could Muscle You Out of a Tight Spot

Minimal signal bars? In the middle of nowhere? Your phone should automatically roam onto alternative networks designated by carrier roaming agreements, but sometimes it doesn’t — the phone can appear biased towards your home network. I’ve been looking at Roam Control, an Android app — not available in Google Play — that lets you force […]

Google to Get Last Word in Week of Tablet Launches

Google could be poised to roll out new Nexus tablet offerings at next Monday’s press event in New York City. The search giant is also likely to introduce a new smartphone, the LG Nexus 4, powered by Android 4.2. The timing of the event is certainly interesting, as it comes later on the same day […]

Bogus Apps Litter Android With Malware

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. As a result, it’s also one of the most popular mobile operating systems to be targeted by malware writers. Malware aimed at Google’s Android platform increased sixfold during the quarter that ended in September, according to a report released Monday by Trend […]

Google to Developers: You Have the Con

Google on Monday made its new Android developer console available to devs everywhere on Google Play. The console was announced at Google I/O in July, and devs were invited to test out a beta version. “The developer tools and portal are key areas of enablement for any application platform,” Al Hilwa, program director, applications development […]

Chrome for Android Is More Sticky Than Slick

Some of my earliest memories of smartphones are of the hassles involved with getting bookmarks loaded across devices. Why was it that Web properties thought — and some still think — you needed different information at your desk from what you wanted on the road? The issue has never been properly addressed — until now, […]

Getting Android on Your TV

If you’ve been getting into the convenience and usability of the smartphone and tablet User Interface and are wondering just why your cable provider is unable to create anything with the same elegance and function, it may be time to slap Android on your TV — yourself. There are a few ways to approach this, […]

Android Climbs Into Cloud-Based Desktop Computer

Motorola Mobility has introduced a desktop all-in-one computer running the Android operating system. The Cloud Broadband is being launched in China in partnership with WASU Digital Group. The device is being touted to Chinese consumers as a combination of an HD digital TV with live and on-demand capability, and a touchscreen tablet/PC running Android, according […]

Ubuntu App Showdown: 15 Hot Apps to Watch

Ubuntu App Showdown contest was introduced more than a month ago by Canonical to encourage application development for Ubuntu in a big way. And the initiative is showing results already. More than 150 applications were submitted out of which, 133 has been qualified and made it to the final list. Judges will vote on the […]

Security Gurus: Jelly Bean Is Super Chewy

The latest version of Google’s Android mobile operating system, Jelly Bean, is much harder to hack than its predecessors, according to research from Duo Security. Google beefed up security for Jelly Bean significantly, said Jon Oberheide, security researcher at Duo. The OS will come with an updated address space layout randomization, which randomizes memory on […]