Ubuntu GNOME Remix Reviewed: This is my NEW Favorite Linux Distro for Netbooks

Netbooks are an extremely useful breed of laptops especially for those who travel a lot. Most of them are extremely cheap to own too. But there’s a catch. Windows 7 is an absolute pain to use in lower spec’d devices and I have realized that newer versions of Ubuntu is not exactly what you want […]

SolusOS Has Something Cool for Veterans, Novices Alike

SolusOS is a relatively new Linux distribution that is attracting considerable interest as an alternative to unpopular desktop replacements for traditional Linux user interfaces. It has much to offer Linux users who reject the Gnome 3 desktop and find little appeal from the KDE and Unity desktop environments. It also provides Linux newcomers from the […]

GNOME’s Ambitious OS Adventure

Is GNOME in Free Fall?

Between the arrival of both MATE 1.4 and KDE 4.9 and the emergence of SolusOS’ brand-new GNOME Classic on the scene, there’s no denying it’s been an exciting few weeks here in the world of Linux desktops. That, in turn, has made it all the more difficult to witness the identity crisis that has apparently […]

Linus, GNOME 3, and Much Ado About Desktop Interfaces

If ever there was a week to make a person believe in the cosmic forces of fate, this might be it. To wit: Linus Torvalds — always a topic of interest here in the Linux blogosphere — has been a particularly “hot topic” in recent weeks thanks to his critical comments earlier this month about […]

ANewStart GNOME Shell Theme + AwOken Icons Theme = Pure Art!

GNOME Shell is a fast evolving platform and like Unity, it is both loved and loathed by its vast user base.  But one thing I am so excited about GNOME Shell is its ever improving theme-ing capabilities. Third party GNOME Shell themes are pouring in and one such theme grabbed my attention like no other. […]

Install Latest GNOME Shell 3.3.2 in Ubuntu 11.10 via PPA

Back in the old GNOME 2.0 days, Ricotz testing PPA was one of the first bastions of those who wanted to try out very early versions of GNOME Shell. Now that GNOME 3.0 is what Ubuntu 11.10 is based on makes Ricotz testing PPA even more useful. It lets you install bleeding edge snapshots of […]