Ubuntu Uproar Echoes Through Blogosphere

Well it’s been another wild week here in the Linux blogosphere, but this time the cause will come as no surprise to anyone who cares about Linux or FOSS. Last week, of course, was the week that included Oct. 18 — a date most of us have had marked on our calendars for the past […]

Should Linux Take a Lesson From Apple?

The Secure Boot saga may seem like it’s been dragging on forever here in the Linux blogosphere, but the truth is that it’s a mere babe in Redmond arms compared with the never-ending Apple v. Samsung drama. It seems safe to say that most FOSS fans are sick to death of hearing about both of […]

Twists and Turns for Linux on Intel’s Slippery Clover Trail

Given the shock they’ve had to endure as a result of the ongoing Secure Boot saga over the past year or so, Linux geeks may perhaps be forgiven if they’re a tad sensitive to apparent attempts to exclude Linux from other new technological developments as well. It was perhaps less-than-entirely surprising, then, that FOSS fans’ […]

Qt’s Move Gives FOSS the Jitters

Does Selfishness Make the FOSS World Go ‘Round?

Microsoft’s Linux Labors: A Signal of Defeat?

Such has been the joy in the Linux blogosphere over Red Hat’s ascendance to the billion-dollar sphere that it’s been difficult to imagine anything that could possibly top that excitement. But guess what? A new report from the Linux Foundation recently offered news that many consider equally momentous — and potentially just as encouraging for […]

Why the World Is Desperately Seeking Linux Talent

Well, it’s been another wild week here in the Linux blogosphere, with the news announcements coming so fast there’s scarcely been time for a cape-wearing champion of FOSS to catch her breath. There’s been particular excitement around Ubuntu for Android, of course, but that’s a topic for another day. Today, it’s time to give another […]

Will the Spark Tablet Ignite a FOSS Fire?

Now that webOS is making its merry way along the open road, there’s no telling what tablets or other mobile devices it may inspire over the upcoming months. In the meantime, the Linux world is all abuzz over what promises to be the very first fully open tablet out there: the Spark, a device slated […]

Spark Tablet Coming for the FOSS Crowd

The recently announced Spark tablet might prove to be the first Linux-running open source tablet fully capable of being modded by users. It has an open Linux stack on unlocked hardware, and it will come with an open content and services market. The Spark will come under the GNU General Public License from its inception. […]

FOSS’ Factious Gender Divide

There’s no denying that the FOSS community has many virtues, but gender equality doesn’t seem to be one of them. Gender-related issues and tensions have plagued the FOSS world for as long as many of us can remember, and the problem has already been picked apart on these pages time, time and time again. Well […]