Customizer App Handily Smoothes Over GRUB Trouble

Few things scare me more than disk partitioning and GRUB configuration software. Both of those chores involve knowledge about hard drive operations and a good slice of luck. And both can render a computer unbootable with one slight user error. So discovering the latest version of Grub Customizer helped lower my anxiety levels considerably. I […]

qOrganizer Squares Away Everything but Its Own Interface

One of my biggest problems in managing appointments, to-do tasks, notes and reminders is that I work on a variety of desktop and laptop computers in multiple locations. To bridge the access gaps, I rely on a tablet computer and a smartphone tapped into cloud storage. When I find a really good PIM app, frustration […]

Google Gets Going With Go

What Does One Serve With Raspberry Pi?

The ultra-cheap Linux computer on a circuit board has its roots in the classroom. But the bare-bones computer, dubbed “Raspberry Pi,” has potential to teach industrial embedded programmers some new tricks. Raspberry Pi, a $35 credit-card-sized computer sold without keyboard or monitor, runs several Linux distros and can hook up to a mouse, keyboard, HDTV […]

Clonezilla: A Drive-Duping Monster With a Fearsome Face

Backing up data and restoring a crashed computer are two of those “I wish I hadda” moments in the life of every computer user. When you maintain a collection of computers for your job or organization, those tasks can be critical. One of the fastest and most reliable ways to restore an afflicted computer is […]

The Smallest OS in the West

Tiny Core Memory Usage Dave Prochnow An operating system so small, if you drop it on the carpet you might lose it Are you torn between two lovers, thinking back lovingly to those simple days of disk-based operating systems that could fit on a 1.44MB disk but remaining steadfastly enamored of a graphical user interface […]

How to Fix a Slow Running Computer

How to Fix a Slow Running Computer By Gene Wallace Finding your computer isn’t running as though it is shiny and new? If so, then you definitely are in the right place. There are many reasons for a slow running computer, and having the proper knowledge, will definitely help you to remedy the problem. Main […]

[sticky] Tired of paying for Windows? Linux is your answer!

Welcome to, we are a local team dedicated to informing dispirited computer users of the tri-city area that there is an alternative to Microsoft Windows. You may very well have a Dell PC right now, did you know you paid Microsoft a percentage of the cost of that PC? With Microsoft’s versions of Windows, […]

Linux allows you to use “old” devices

Imagine you have an old computer,  say Windows 98… And you have a USB memory stick and want to access the files from the memory stick, what do you do? Try to go online and find the driver for that stick that works with your ancient operating system? No! Just fire up your Linux live […]