How to Get Netflix Working with Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 in Two Easy Steps!

Yes you read it just right. Netflix now works with Ubuntu. And no, there’s no official Netflix support for Linux yet. Thanks to hard work done by Erich Hoover and guys at iheartubuntu, Netflix has been made to work under Ubuntu using Wine and there is now a PPA to install the whole hack in […]

Elementary OS Luna Beta 1 Released

The much anticipated Linux distro, Elementary OS “Luna”, is finally here. For a beta release, Luna already looks pretty awesome. A quick overview of Elementary OS Beta 1. What’s New in Elementary OS Luna Beta 1? Pantheon is the new desktop environment and shell for Elementary OS. It consists of the greeter, panel, app launcher, dock, […]

Car Widget Pro Goes the Distance – and Beyond

Developer Alex Gavrishev’s free, widget-oriented app lets you assign home screens specifically to be used in the car, and it lets you create large, easy-to-punch buttons for six shortcuts per screen. The buttons render well at tablet-strength high resolutions, unlike other car apps I’ve tried. One area where Gavrishev’s widget app differs from other in-car […]

Roam Control Could Muscle You Out of a Tight Spot

Minimal signal bars? In the middle of nowhere? Your phone should automatically roam onto alternative networks designated by carrier roaming agreements, but sometimes it doesn’t — the phone can appear biased towards your home network. I’ve been looking at Roam Control, an Android app — not available in Google Play — that lets you force […]

Additional Drivers Application Moved to Software Sources in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

On the WiFi front, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS “Precise Pangolin” was a big disappointment for me. Nothing seemed to work until I started using an alternative network manager called Wicd. Things are slowly starting to get better with each new update in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal, but not there yet. So I went on to check […]

Tasker: Micro-Managing Automated Routines Can Be Crazy Fun

Want to launch a music app when you plug in your headphones, or wake up to a specific app? You can do things like this with sets of automated routines that you program via the Tasker app. Crafty’s Tasker app automates settings on Android devices and lets you micro-manage them. Does this level of in-depth […]

Ubuntu App Showdown: 15 Hot Apps to Watch

Ubuntu App Showdown contest was introduced more than a month ago by Canonical to encourage application development for Ubuntu in a big way. And the initiative is showing results already. More than 150 applications were submitted out of which, 133 has been qualified and made it to the final list. Judges will vote on the […]

Image Editing Is a Snap With Pinta

Pinta, a raster image editor, is the app equivalent of a diamond in the rough. Years of testing and reviewing open source and commercial software taught me never to assume that a relatively new application is not worthy of attention. That lesson proved true with this youngster of an app. Development ceased on the near-infant […]

Scalado Album’s Photo-Mapping Skill Earns It a Niche

Have you ever found yourself scrolling endlessly around your phone’s chronologically arranged photograph album — called “Gallery” in Android — looking for a photograph you’ve captured? If you can remember the specific place but not the date, then Scalado Album may be for you. I say “may be” because there are some downsides to using […]

Shazam Encore Pretty Much Nails ‘Name That Tune’

I have to confess to being a little unfair on the Shazam Encore app for its first LinuxInsider test. It is supposed to identify songs you’re listening to, but I think I may have asked it the impossible. I had downloaded the app just before a planned lunch that included a sojourn to my neighborhood […]