Getting Games to Work on Linux

By Henrik Jonsson For many the big issue with Linux is that it doesn’t run video games as well as Windows. This is true mainly because the games are specifically written for Windows and not for Linux. The Linux side of things has to tweak a few things to get the games to work where […]

Linux Commands Training – The Commands in /usr Directories – Linux System Administration Training

By Clyde E. Boom The Linux /usr/local Directory (Path) The local directory (below /usr) is commonly used for the parent directory of Linux software programs that are installed “locally”. Run the following command to see the contents of the local directory. $ ls -la /usr/local This directory is often empty immediately after installing Linux. Linux […]

How to Fix a Slow Running Computer

How to Fix a Slow Running Computer By Gene Wallace Finding your computer isn’t running as though it is shiny and new? If so, then you definitely are in the right place. There are many reasons for a slow running computer, and having the proper knowledge, will definitely help you to remedy the problem. Main […]

Why Embedded Developers Cannot Ignore Linux Skills

Why Embedded Developers Cannot Ignore Linux Skills By Raghu Bharadwaj One obvious reason is the increasing number of jobs for Linux embedded engineers but as embedded developers you should know the real reasons which are prompting companies to heavily hire embedded software developers with core Linux skills. It’s just not the open nature of Linux […]

ARM Linux Booting Process

ARM Linux Booting Process By Raghu Bharadwaj This will be a series of articles explaining how Linux kernel boots up on ARM architecture. This is part one. ARM Linux Boot Process: We will explain boot process of AT91RM9200 system-on-chip, built around the ARM920T ARM Thumb processor. Kwickbyte builds an embedded board called kb9202 based on […]

Linux – Free of Charge and Free of Malware

Linux – Free of Charge and Free of Malware By Daniel Tillman There is currently a lot of interest and curiosity in the Linux / Unix operating systems becoming more widely used, known, and available. They have been around since the mid 90′s, and used mostly as a server platform until recently – mostly due […]

AVG Rescue CD is a handy Live CD!

AVG has a seemingly little-known Live CD based on a Linux OS that has very powerful tools included.  Information and an image of the application is included below. Comprehensive administration toolkit System recovery from virus and spyware infections Suitable for recovering MS Windows and Linux operating systems (FAT32 and NTFS file systems) Ability to perform […]

Stop your kids from causing viruses to get on your PC!

Are you tired of your kids getting on your Windows computer and ending up getting dangerous malware on your PC? Why allow this to happen, it undoubtedly takes paying a technician lots of money to clean it up, that’s if the problem isn’t so bad that a complete format of the hard drive and fresh […]

USB Flash Disk Drive to Store Data

USB Flash Disk Drive to Store Data By Brijesh Ghelani USB Flash Disk Drive is just like floppy drive and used for similar purpose only. When you compare floppy drive with that of USB Flash Disk Drive, USB Flash Disk Drive is definitely much faster and smaller in size. Though the size of the USB […]

Linux – Newbies Can Use It, Too!

Linux – Newbies Can Use It, Too! By Michael Dorf When many people hear the term “Linux”, it conjures up mental images of arcane commands being typed on a monochrome terminal. Linux can be intimidating for many users because for a long time it required a decent knowledge of UNIX like operating systems to use […]