Fork Skewers Photoshop Skin GimpShop

I thought I had found image-manipulating Nirvana with GimpShop. But the wide world of open source software and the Linux community failed me this week. My quest for a better GIMP tool to give me a Photoshop-like Windows experience turned into a fool’s folly. Actually, my faith in the Linux OS is still intact. But my disappointment in not finding salvation from resorting to a return to Microsoft Windows caused me to question my decision years ago to convert to Linuxism.

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  • Joe Gibken says:

    I know that feel. I’ve been trying to find an updated version of GIMPShop for Linux myself but failed miserably so far. That’s why I came to this blogpost using googlefu for a possible 2012 version of GIMPShop for Linux. Arg…

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